It’s that time of year again and we’ve been busy creating a special Event for all the Cow players.

Santa has come to Aden but not everything is jolly.

Most of Santa’s Helper’s have been consumed by Krumpus, It’s up to you to find them and eradicate them from Aden before it’s too late.

You will find Santa in Giran and he has a special Wand for you. Use this wand to discover those tainted by Krumpus.

Killing any mob within 10 levels of your own level will charge your wand

Use your wand in an attempt to uncover the tainted ones ruining Christmas

 Each charge will give you 1 chance at finding them

You may even discover Krumpus himself! Once discovered use -alert to send the location to all others in Aden

Friends and Pledge mates can help you defeat Krumpus by using -krumpus to teleport to the location or you can choose to face him alone.

The choice is yours.

More details will be released before the Event goes Live.

~FriskyCow Team~

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