The FriskyCow Christmas Event of 2018 is now Live!

This Event also brings along some updates and fixes.

First Up – Christmas Event

Santa’s Helpers have fallen victim to the evil Krampus.

You will notice you have received a Santa Wand from Santa himself upon logging in.

You will receive 1 Santa Wand Charge for every Monster you kill within 10 levels of your level.

Use your Santa Wand for a chance to find the evil Santa Helpers or even uncover Krampus himself.

Should you find Krampus, you may battle him alone or use -alert to Alert all players online of your location.

Players can use -Krampus to teleport to your location to help with defeating Krampus.

You may also use -rush to cash in 100 Santa Wand Charges for 1 Super Candy Cane Wand.

Using this wand will give you a sugar rush enabling you to destroy every monster in your path for 25 seconds.

Your killstreak will be saved and the players with the highest Kill Streak will receive a Christmas present at the conclusion of the Event.

All evil Santa Helpers contain a variety of goodies ranging from Adena to Dolls and PC Room Scrolls. (Drops enabled 12-8-18)

Purple Polys

Use -poly to view the list of Polys unlocked for this Event

Donate Event

For every dollar, you donate you will receive 2 Cow Coins.

Use these coins to purchase items of your choosing from the list of Cow Coin Items

~Cow Coin Items ~

100m SilverNote 10

PC Buff EXP+40%(7 Days) 5

PC Buff EXP+40%(30 Days) 20

Magoc Doll: Tarak 25

Magic Doll: Vampire 25

Magic Doll: Kurtz 25

Magic Doll: Knight Vald 25

Magic Doll: Iris 25

Magic Doll: Ice Queen 25

Magic Doll: Demon 25

Magic Doll: Death Knight 50

Kills/Deaths Reset 1

Elixer (WIS) 5

Elixer (STR) 5

Elixer (INT) 5

Elixer (DEX) 5

Dragon’s Amethyst 1

Dragon Diamond 1

Coma Blessing Coin 1

Change Name Scroll 1

Arka’s Artifacts 10

Potion of Exp Increase 1

Updates & Fixes

1. Einhasad will now work correctly.
2. /shop will now work correctly.

3. All Vote Reward Commands now work properly.
4. Various back-end improvements to the source make this build leaner and more efficient than ever.
5. Client patch updated, Use the patch button on the connector to get the most recent updates.

In the works

1. Players can volunteer to help with the clean up on Monster names.
Players who volunteer will be able to use the command -fixmob old_name new_name to correct Monster names.
For each monster name corrected, players will receive an award to be announced at release.

2. We have a special hunting area almost ready for everyone to enjoy… details to follow

3. New Class Weapons — Details to follow

4. Pet Update — We are working on the latest Pet Update from NC Live.
This update includes new Pets, new Pet UI and new Pet Skills.

We encourage everyone to recruit! Bring your friends! FriskyCow is better than ever and continues to improve with each update.
Reminder! We are the ONLY English Lineage 1 Server using the very latest client from NC. No other server in the world exists like FC.

Merry Christmas from the FriskyCow Team!

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