The guide for Remaster has been updated to be more accurate and include links to the latest builds.

Connector Updates

The initial loading of the connector has been optimized for speed.

Remember Me and Auto-Login are now functional.

Ping is now more accurate and refreshes every 2 minutes.

Server status is now functional and refreshes every 2 minutes.

The patching button has been improved dramatically with both version managing and threading/memory management

The repair button will now attempt to repair your client should something go wrong.

Overall threading/memory management of the connector has been improved.

Client Updates

756 NPC Files have been translated

Over 30,000 lines of other client files have been translated

Client version has been updated to support and include the latest class, Fencer

Client updated to not require changing any language on your PC!

Server Updates

Many many updates will be listed later.

  • crazykie

    hello cant login when i try login connector say cant update new version and get crash please help

    1. Moo

      Come for help

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