[Sticky] Updates 9/26  


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27/09/2018 12:23 am  

Today we have the first major update to the client available. 

This update is around 700 MB and brings many image translations to the client.

  1. OK / Cancel buttons 
  2. Ctrl-A / Stat Window.
  3. Magic Doll Gambler
  4. Passive Spell Mouse Hover
  5. Emoticon Window
  6. Party Button Translations Started.
  7. Pledge Window Translations Started.
  8. All Giran Shops & NPC’s are now English (excludes Talass).
  9. N – Coins are now Cow Coins.
  10. Many improvements to translations overall.

We also have some server updates to mention.

Bounty is now active. Use -bounty player_name level to set a Bounty on another character.

Bounty’s are issued in 3 levels. 

Level 1 ~ 20,000,000 Adena 

Target receives +1 DMG, +1 HIT, +1 Bow DMG, +1 BOW HIT, +1 SP, +1 DMG REDUCTION

Level 2 ~ 40,000,000 Adena

Target receives +2 DMG, +2 HIT, +2 Bow DMG, +2 BOW HIT, +2 SP, +2 DMG REDUCTION

Level 3 ~ 60,000,000 Adena

Target receives +3 DMG, +3 HIT, +3 Bow DMG, +3 BOW HIT, +3 SP, +3 DMG REDUCTION

  • Wanted players will now properly display Wanted:Level beside their name.
  • Improvements to the way mobs and npc were spawned.
  • Improvements to checks for spells being used. This resulted in a 50% drop in memory usage.
  • -hpbar no longer requires on or off. Simply use -hpbar

We have many more updates in store. Our mission is to make this client 100% English and we’re damn close to it. We will continue to squash bugs as reported and improving the overall experience for you, the player.