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FriskyCow Connection Guide

You must set your locale to Korean.

This does not change your language.

It allows Korean programs to run correctly.

locale korean set Download and Extract Cow  [Download not found]

Run Lineage.exe and allow to update fully.

Download and Unzip “Cow Connector”

[Download not found]

Run Cow_Connect_v180918.exe, click Play and Ok to patch.

connector and patch

*Common Problems*

Player A: ‘Shops crash me to desktop’

Fix: Download and Use latest connector 180918

Player B: ‘I get FPS drops, low FPS’

Fix: Ensure you are using 180918 Connector and delete Lineage.cfg

Player C: ‘I see Korean in game’

Fix: Run the patch from the latest connector.

This will download and pack our client patch.

This is not finished until you see Lineage.exe open and a progress bar move across as it packs files.

If you still have issues or can’t get in the game after trying these steps, Please contact us on Discord or in the Forums. Using Discord will always get you a much faster response.

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~ FriskyCow Team ~