Beginner Guide Part 2

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Beginner Guide Part 2 – Quality of Life changes & Donation Store by Yoona

New Additional Hotbar

You can now gain an extra hotbar apart from the 1/2/3 (accessed by shortcut keys F1/F2/F3). Next to your minimap in the interface you can click on the little triangle to change it into the additional hotbar allowing you access to further slots.

If you need a mini map while in hunting areas, press Ctrl+M to bring up a mini-map in the lower left side of your screen.

Server Donations and the NCCoin Store

To make a donation please contact gmDoritos on Discord for details including the rate per coin.

If you’re wondering if you can pay to win in JustLineage the simple answer is no. The donation store has no gear/items/buffs/cheats that cannot be obtained normally through gameplay, it simply allows you to get some dolls, elixirs and buffs without using adena/hunting. Once you receive your NCcoins click on the C on the bottom right area of your interface above your normal skill bar. It opens the donation store, here you can purchase items.

How to buy – Select how many of the item you want to buy then click the confirmations.

To get the items – Open your inventory and click on Additional Storage to withdraw.

Loser/Lesser/Sealed Items

You will find that a large number of drops will come as ‘Loser or Lesser’.

These will need to be unsealed in order to be used but have a chance to fail in which case the item will disappear.

In order to do this, visit a General Vendor and purchase a leaf of life.

Use this item on the Lesser item and see if it unseals.

Adena cap and Silver Notes

You are able to carry up to 2billion Adena. If you reach this cap you will drop any additional arena from monsters on the floor. In order to carry more, find the ‘100m SilverNote Exchange’ book in your inventory. Double click it to convert 100m Adena into an item called ‘100m SilverNote’.

Above: 100m SilverNote (39) for example is 3.9billion adena.

You can double click the 100m SilverNote to change it back into Adena. This also helps to facilitate large trades.

Minor Changes

You will find that unlike the live servers, drops with charges like wands stack instead of dropping as individual wands filling up your inventory.

Example: This wand has had several hundred ‘drops’ added as charges.

Many spells are now self-cast only unless they have a special party cast version of the spell. These include: Advance, Weapon/Defence enhancement spells (e.g. Fire Weapon, Iron Skin), Greater and Full Heal and most Prince/Illusionist Buffs. Spells meant for utility play such as Immune to Harm are still castable on others.

General Buffs

You can visit any [Enhanced Wizards] located in most cities and also in the Forgotten Island starting area and pay 1000 Adena to receive some basic buffs (Strength, Dexterity and Bless Weapon).