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How to Level Faster Using Buffs and the Special Area by Yoona

You can purchase items in game for Adena that will significantly increase your levelling speed. The foundation of the experience buffs is Blessing of Einhasad. It gives a straight buff to exp gained while active but also has ‘Combo Bonuses’ where killing within a time frame gives even more exp.

Notice that there is a “Remaining Blessing” on it. This is how much charge is left before the blessing must be renewed. When no charge is left, the buff simply does nothing.

Adding extra time:

  1. Locate the Misc Merchant in Giran. Purchase Dragon’s Treasure Chests. Bring your Chest to the Dragon statue and click on him. If you double click on a Dragon’s Treasure Chest you will receive a Dragon Diamond. Consuming the Diamond will grant “Remaining Blessing +100” charge to your Blessing.

  1. However, you can make an even better version! Bring your Chest to the Dragon statue and click on him. You will be able to make 1 Dragon’s Advanced Treasure Chest for every 4 Dragon’s Treasure Chest you purchased. From this chest you can get a Dragon’s High End Diamond! It has +500 charge instead of the +400 you would have gotten from 4 chests/diamonds!

  1. You can improve the blessing even more! From the vendor purchase a Dragon’s Amethyst. Bring it to the statue to make Dragon’s Alchemy Potion. Then apply the potions to a Dragon’s Diamond (not the high end ones) to make a Dragon’s Topaz. Consuming this with your Diamonds will increase the Blessing of Einhasad Blessing EXP from 100% to 180%!

  1. You can also purchase a PC Buff from the Misc Vendor. Consume this item to get a 7 day buff that also increases EXP Gain by 40%. You can pick the buff and drag it down into your inventory for a special teleport! This teleport works faster than escape scrolls and let’s you access Suspicious Sky Garden! These hunting areas are NOT the normal maps, they are only accessible to people with the buff. It will let you get extra time in at places that have time limits! This is great for farming Ivory Tower Floor 4 for adena for example.