Elixir Crafting Guide

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How to Make and Gain Elixirs by Yoona

There is a cap on Elixir usage based on level. At level 50 you will only be able to have 1, this will later increase to a maximum of 6 by level 70. In order to make an Elixir you will need gain ‘Pure Elixirs’. Pure Elixirs can be hunted from Boss Class Monsters with higher tier bosses potentially dropping multiples at a time. After you have 35 Pure Elixir you will also need 2 Demon Strength. Demon Strength can be found on monsters in Ivory Tower (you will likely have many already from Adena gathering on Ivory Tower 4F).

Once you have the materials go to Giran Cross and walk slightly south to the round hut.

You will find a production table here, craft the Elixir of your choice and consume 😊