Forgotten Island Guide

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Forgotten Island by Yoona

In order to access Forgotten Island you will need to be at least level 75. It is highly recommended as a group levelling area until you are well equipped due to the monster damage. You have 2 hours daily inside the hunting ground before being teleported out. Forgotten Island is where you will acquire the top tier Fidelity weapons. Note: In order to leave FI or to get back to the starting area you need to restart. There are no teleporters out or use of escape scroll.

In order to enter, go to Giran Cross and slightly south east of the main quad you will find Isvall. Please note: you can ignore the entry time on this server as FI is enabled for access at all times so long as you have not reached the daily 2 hour cap. However, bosses only spawn during the ‘8-10pm’ open time and you will see a message of when bosses spawn via server system message.

Once inside the neutral zone you can purchase general goods, teleport back to Aden or click on Mayr to teleport to one of the 3 main zones of Forgotten Island.

You will be teleported to the underground area first; you can hunt in here if you like where the spawn consists of Golems, Minotaur’s and Crawling Hands. Note: The underground is where the FI Bosses spawn, they do not spawn above ground. The bosses are: Eastern Region: Drake King, Western Region: Cockatrice King and Minotaur King, Southern Region: Harpy Queen and Ogre King.

In order to go above ground, simply click the area behind where you teleport underground from as shown.

The spawn aboveground is slightly higher.

How to make your Fidelity Equipment

You will eventually find Light of Eternity and ‘Lost-Soul’ Weapons, these are the sealed Fidelity items. In order to unseal use a Light of Eternity by double clicking on it and then click on the Lost-Soul weapon you want to create. Importantly, creation of the weapon is based on chance, if failed both the Light and Lost-Soul weapon are lost. If it succeeds however you will gain a top tier Fidelity weapon!

Other items gained from FI such as Ancient Leather can be brought to Leon in Giran Cross. You can craft PvP items that give bonuses to PvP defense or Damage.