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Server Beginner Guide – Purely the Basics by Yoona

How to make an Account

First you will need to register an account on the website. Note: This is NOT your game account, it’s an overall account for the website and will allow you to make game accounts. After registering, click on Account Management.

Scroll downwards and you will see a Game Account Management section, click on CREATE GAME ACCOUNT. Now register a game account.

If you created an account successfully, going to Account Management and checking under the Game Account Management section should show something like this:

First 56 levels

After creating your character, you will be in the starting zone. Use the dummies until level 30. You will be teleported out, from there, open your inventory and equip items from the basic item box (open it). Double-click on the Claudia Village Return Amulet to teleport to a special teleporter. For zone information, check out the New Zones guide for the extensive changes that Lineage introduced a few years ago.

Find Sophie and open the Map of Claudia. Click on any zone on this map to level up in a quick and safe environment. After reaching level 56 you will be teleported out. Congratulations! Use a Return to Giran scroll and go get your basic skills.

Purchasing Skills

Skills can be purchased in Giran Cross from the Skills Vendor.

Restoring Lost Experience

Go to any General Vendor and purchase an Experience Restore Certificate.

Find Goddess Agata and select the second option, click yes when prompted down in your message box.

Unlocking Additional Equipment Slots

At certain levels you can unlock additional equipment slots, for example at level 59 you can unlock a second earring slot. The levels are: 56 – earrings / 70 – Insignia / 76 – 3rd Ring / 81 – 4th Ring / 83 – Shoulder Armor Slot.

Simply visit Giran Cross and Find Snapper [Slot Opening Expert].

PC Room Buff and Special Hunting Areas

You can also purchase a PC Buff from the Misc Vendor. Consume this item to get a 7 day buff that also increases EXP Gain by 40%. You can pick the buff and drag it down into your inventory for a special teleport! This teleport works faster than escape scrolls and let’s you access Suspicious Sky Garden! These hunting areas are NOT the normal maps, they are only accessible to people with the buff. It will let you get extra time in at places that have time limits! This is great for farming Ivory Tower Floor 4 for adena for example.