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Widely regarded as the best earrings in game (because they are), Rumtis Earrings can give players huge boosts in damage/AC/SP and also unique procs. Rumtis’s are available through the Snapper/Rumtis NPC in Giran. Each earring is unique and adds different stats for different classes. For magic users, it is suggested to get Purple Rumtis Earring, for Melee/Elves, it is suggested to get Red (Damage Reduction Proc) / White (Damage Bonus Proc) for different bonuses.

The maximum enchant value for Rumtis Earrings are +8.

Also Rumtis Earrings come in two versions: Normal and Blessed. Blessed Rumtis Earrings have much better stats so it is important to focus on making your Rumtis’s blessed. You may trade TWO Normal Rumtis (starting at +3) for ONE Blessed Rumtis. This can be done at the NPC in Giran with the Rumtis Earring Icon (Near the DMG test dummy).

Here’s how we go about obtaining and enchanting Rumtis Earrings on JustLineage server:

A specific type of Rumtis Earring box can be purchased from the NPC in Giran for 25m. Each box contains a Single Normal Rumtis Earring, and 8 Rumtis enchant scrolls. Players may try their luck with enchanting the Normal Rumtis in this manner, but BE ADVISED, enchant rates are not high for Rumtis Earrings. Luckily, players also have the option to trade SIX of one type of Rumtis BOX with a +3 Version of the same earring, which will set you back 150M but you have no chance of failure in making a +3 Normal Rumtis Earring. If you choose to trade 6 boxes for +3 Normal Rumtis make sure you do not open the boxes before you trade them.

Now you have a +3 Normal Rumtis, after you get two +3 Normal Rumtis of the same type, you can trade it in for a +3 Blessed Rumtis. Now the difficult part begins: Enchanting your Blessed Rumtis.

The nice thing about JustLineage server is that you may enchant your Blessed Rumtis Earrings without chance of failure. The hard part is that the success rate is very low. The MISC Enchant Scroll Vendor sells Rumtis Enchant Scroll for 30M Adena each. These scrolls will not blow your Rumtis if they fail. The Rumtis Enchant Scroll has a 10% Success rate, so you must farm quite a bit to enchant your Rumtis. BE AWARE that you MUST use Rumtis Enchant Scroll from the Misc Enchant Scroll Vender, a normal “Rumtis Enchant Scroll” (500k from Snapper/Rumtis NPC) will explode your Rumtis if it fails.


Two DIFFERENT Rumtis Earrings can be worn by a character, they cannot be the same type.