Rumtis & Snapper Crafting Guide

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Snapper and Rumtis Earring Crafting by Yoona

The process for crafting these new Earrings (Rumtis) and Rings (Snapper) is very similar but simply require different boxes/bags which can be purchased from vendors found along Giran X. They are very pricey but incredibly powerful items. —Snapper and Rumtis can fail from +0— Follow this guide to craft a +3 from the start, avoiding wasting Adena.

  1. Check the crafting pillar to see which version of the ring or earring you want to make. Also note how bags/boxes will be needed to craft the non-blessed version. Ideally you will want to craft the blessed versions (simply produced by combining 2 identical non-blessed items)

  1. Locate the vendor and purchase the number of bags/boxes you will need to craft the item (in this case we need 6+6 = 12 total to make a blessed [+3] Snapper Magic Resist Ring). DO NOT OPEN THE BAGS/BOXES! You want to craft a +3 version, opening the bag/boxes gives a +0, this is something we want to avoid as the chance to upgrade is low compared to crafting a +3!

  1. Go back to the crafting pillar and produce 2 [+3] Normal items. After you have done this you will see that you can produce a [+3] Blessed version. This is ideally what you want as it has improved stats and will be much stronger long term. Upgrading a single blessed item is cheaper then upgrading 2 separate non-blessed versions only to combine them later. [Also note: to combine them they must be the same + and type].

  1. To upgrade simply purchase a Snapper/Rumtis Enchant Scroll from the Misc Enchant Scroll Vendor and upgrade, these can fail but will not blow your expensive item! DO NOT USE THE ONES FROM THE Rumtis/Snapper VENDOR! These cheap scrolls will blow on fail!

  1. Enjoy your much stronger ring 😊