Talking Island

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talking island map

Recommended hunting area for players between level 55 and 70.

TI North & Dwarf Village

This is the lowest level difficulty on all of Talking Island. Dwarf monsters are relatively weak, with low HP, so novice players can hunt them with very little problem. Be on the lookout for Werewolves and Lycanthropes, they offer a greater challenge. Ghosts have also been known to frequent the area, after dark.

Orcbrook & Orc Watchtower

Orc Archers and Mages have high damage and should be killed as quickly as possible. Bringing magic resistance gear to this location is not only recommended, it’s required.

Shelob Forest

Ungoliants and Shelobs are large spiders, covering their area in death, decay and webbing. They are fast and will attack anything that moves. Players will soon realize how deadly their poison is and will never forget to bring Cure Poison potions again.

Black Knight Outpost

Do not go rushing into this area until you are ready. All monsters here run very fast and will make quick work of any weak adventurers straying too far into their territory. This location is very popular for boss hunters because the item Shield of the Traitor drops from Kurtz.