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The Revamped Map of Aden Explained – Monsters and Areas remade by Yoona

The current Korean version of Lineage differs greatly with the last version of the US live servers. One of the major changes you will encounter is that many zones have much harder monsters and are meant for certain level ranges. Please note: Level ranges are approximate and you can likely go into harder zones with decent gear.

Prior to 55: look inside your starting inventory and go to the “Claudia Leveling Zone using the Claudia Amulet in your inventory (double click the amulet)” you will be able to reach 56 within this zone without many issues as monsters do minimal damage and have boosted exp.

Bolded zones have a teleport point that can be found on the Teleporter NPCs.

Level 55~65 Talking Island Field

Elven Forest Field

Gludio Field

Knight Village Field

Oak Farm

Ruins of Death

Tomb of the Dead

66~75 Kentfield


Desert Oasis

Jungle zone

Heine Field

Aden Field

Oren Field


76~80 Shadow of Dark Dragon

The Forest of Mirrors

Twilight Mountains

Oren Wall

Elmore battlefield

80+ Dragon Valley

Fire Valley

Lindvior’s Nest

Dungeon Zones

Dungeon zones tend to be more densely populated with higher spawns. Can be fairly more challenging then open world hunting but are ideal for stronger characters or area of effect skill usage. Some dungeons are time limited due to their natures, such as extra high Adena drop rates or special drops. For reference of the PC Room, please check the guide on Exp Buffs for how the PC Room Buff works.

Dungeon Zones are indicated by this icon:

Bolded zones have a dungeons point that can be found on the Teleporter NPCs.

Level 55~70 Talking Island Dungeon (2 hr per day per account)

62~83 Gludio Dungeon

Elven Forest Dungeon

65~80 Ivory Tower: Varlok Camp (1 hr per day per account, access in Oren town)

Ivory Tower: Yahni Camp (1hr per day per account, access in Oren town NPC)

Ivory Tower: Yahni Camp (PC room buff exclusive)

Waterlord Dungeon

Tomb of Ancient Spirits (PC room buff exclusive)

Giran Prison (accessed via NPC in Giran Cross)

Ice Dungeon

Ice Dungeon (PC room buff exclusive)

Cave of Desire

Eva Kingdom Dungeon (4th Floor is underwater)

80+ Dragon Valley Dungeon

Tower of Oman (Also Called Tower of Insolence aka ToI)

Tower of Oman (PC room buff exclusive, ideal for busy time periods)

Ruins of Lastavard (currently closed)

Tower of Dominance (PvP game, special status, opened by GMs only)

75+ Special Forgotten Island (2 hr per day per account, must be 75+, Giran Cross NPC)

Notable/Recommended Zones:

1~56 Claudia Special Zone

56~60 Talking Island Dungeon, many undead mobs, good Adena drop rate

60~70 Giran Cross Dungeon

65+ Varlok Tomb (Purchase a scroll from the Hunting Vendors)

75+ Forgotten Island (drops Lights of Eternity which can be combined with ‘Lost-Soul’ weapons to create top tier weapons, note: only chance of success, not guaranteed)

Adena Highest Adena drop rate Ivory Tower: Yahni Camp 4th Floor

Wizards Ideal Turn Undead zones are ToI lvl 4 and 9

Elf Oren Wall Area around oren, very slow monsters good for ranged

Melee Giran Dungeon and ToI (any level you can handle)

Bzel/Bdai Any Boss class monster & ToI 5+ monsters have high chance to drop

85+ Valakas Dungeon (via Valakas scroll in Hunting) lvl 100+ monster