Remaster Beta

The FriskyCow Remaster Beta is now open to everyone!

NO! Changing your language to Korean is not required! English is recommended.

Join us in Discord for all the details of the Remaster Open Beta

We have paused Live until Beta is complete as we will be moving Live accounts/characters/items over to Remaster after Beta.

~FriskyCow Team~


Below you will find instructions for installing the remaster client. All files are pinned on our Discord in channel #fc_chat


Create a folder and extract the contents of the above into that newly created folder.

You will see a bunch of rar files, extract them all into the same folder they are in, this will extract all the contents of the client.

7.1 connector

Extract the connector into the same folder as all the other files

Run connector as administrator

Remember, you will log into the connector with your website account, and then select your account name in the top left of the launcher.

Be sure to patch it to make sure it has all the updates.

Press RIGHT alt to change to english

at log in screen, put anything into the ID field and connector.